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MeDirect makes saving interesting again

Since the start in 2013, MeDirect managed to attract a lot of savers with its innovative savings accounts that offer one clear interest rate and different term deposits. The bank now adds 'MeDirect Fidelity Savings', a classic savings account offering a base rate and fidelity premium.

It is the first regulated savings account of the bank, on which interest is exempt from withholding tax up to and including €980 per person.

Why clients choose MeDirect ?

No entry and exit fees on 97% of our fund selection
Choose for saving which does make a return. Choose from different transparent savings accounts or term deposits
Worldwide selection of more than 500 funds, trackers, shares, bonds, ...
Let us do the work for you. High quality wealth management at low cost, aimed at solid returns
Lists of top funds by category and 8 ready-made Model Portolios composed of 8 to 13 funds per portfolio
Excellent customer service reachable by phone from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm


Transferring an existing portfolio? MeDirect will reimburse transfer fees.

Do you have Mutual Funds or other securities with another bank or wealth manager and you wish to transfer these to MeDirect? That's easily done. We help you with the transfer and reimburse any fees your bank or wealth manager is charging you for the transfer of your portfolio, up to a maximum of € 500 per client.


The only thing you have to do is send us a message containing the necessary information (ISIN-code, fund name and currency) by completing this form. More information on the terms and conditions.

Online wealth management for everyone

Let us do the work for you. Not everyone has enough time, the necessary patience and the experience to compose and follow up a well-diversified
investment portfolio. With MeDirect Wealth Management you invest in a diversified portfolio of top funds in just one step. Our experts monitor closely
your investments and they will rebalance your portfolio when needed. And this at a fraction of the costs charged by many traditional wealth managers.

Episode of 'Canal Z' in French: Rise and advantages of online wealth management

MeDirect celebrates five year anniversary in Belgium

"In those five years we managed to position ourselves as an important challenger within the Belgian banking sector. Today, MeDirect is known as the Belgian bank specialized in mutual funds offering over 500 mutual funds and ready-made Model Portfolios to invest in. On top of that, we introduced several innovating savings accounts and we were the first bank in Belgium to launch Online Wealth Management."

Philippe Delva, CEO MeDirect