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To know or not to know your way around the world of investment? It doesn’t matter. MeDirect brings you the tools you need to put your money to work—safely, simply and on your own terms.

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Invest in MeGreen and
get €40 bonus !

Open a MeGreen investment plan (minimum 2500€) and participate in the reforestation of Belgium. By investing responsibly, you will receive a 40€ bonus. 

A platform where you are in control of your money

Make your own smart investments


No entry or exit fees on investment funds.*


Asset managers. Because choice equals freedom.

Wake up your money

Our savings account is one of the best in class according to


We are Belgian. In other words, what you save is safe with us.

Download the app, invest, and receive €50​

Discover our renewed app and invest where and whenever you want. A more user-friendly design makes investing simple and quick. in addition, the available real-time rates allow you to better monitor the performance of your investments.

My app, my choices.

Discover our renewed app and invest where and whenever you want. A more user-friendly design makes investing simple and quick. In addition, the available real-time rates allow you to better monitor the performance of your investments.

My knowledge, my choices.

In collaboration with fund houses and a renowned economist, MeDirect organizes various online seminars focused on investments.

My finances exactly as they should be - mine.

Open your account and find the options that speak to you, simply. The sooner you start managing your money on your own, the sooner you’ll notice the results.

Safety first.

Safety is our priority. We work with the latest technologies to ensure the best for your money. We offer various means of secure login such as Face ID and Touch ID. In addition, Your integration is completely secure via itsme®

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