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New or native to finance? It doesn’t matter.
MeDirect brings you the tools you need to put your money to work — safely, simply and on your own terms.

and my investments, it clicks.

Why MeDirect?

A free invest account

The idea is to make your money grow. That’s why you don’t pay to open your account.

No unnecessary fees

Your investments should give, not take. That’s why we don’t have entry fees on our funds*.

Many smart solutions

To invest well, you have to know your options well. We lay them out for you clearly and simply, so you have everything you need to make informed choices.

*MeDirect Bank SA does not charge any commission on the subscription of an investment fund for its own benefit; however, taxes may apply on redemption. The holding of an investment fund generates charges levied by the fund and the remuneration of the services provided by MeDirect is paid by the subscribed fund through a partial retrocession of its management fee

Invest on your own.

Funds, equities, ETFs, bonds… You know the drill. Choose from a solid range of options, and watch your money work.

The work is on us —
or at least, most of it.

Experts taking investment decisions on your behalf will free up your time and offer you the serenity of investing in a professional way.

My app, my choices.

Always the best.

Transferring an existing portfolio ? MeDirect will reimburse transfer fees.

Do you have investments with another bank or wealth manager and you wish to transfer these to MeDirect? That’s easily done. We help you with the transfer and reimburse any fees your bank or wealth manager is charging you for the transfer of your portfolio, up to a maximum of € 500 per customer. The only thing you have to do is send us a message containing the necessary information (ISIN-code, fund name and currency) by clicking on the following button. More information on the terms and conditions.

Start investing with us.

The sooner you start managing your money your way, the sooner you’ll see results. Make your own choices and find what feels good. Sign up and open your account in a heartbeat.