Putting your money in your hands

The financial system isn’t simple. And we’re not going to change that all by ourselves. But we think you should be able to make your money work for you—on your own terms.


MeDirect strives to empower you to navigate the world of investment with confidence. We give you the tools to manage your money your way.


No matter the amount of zeros on your account, you can count on us to play it safe. We’re a bunch of professionals working from Belgium, helping out 75.000 customers just like you. We operate under Belgian law, but are anchored in a world-wide market, with 900 funds and 9000 stocks. That’s a lot, and that’s good news: it means we’re a one-stop shop for all your investments and savings, and it means you make the choices that suit your style, your values and your preferences.


Your money, your way.

What matters to us


Offering options that work

You choose where your money goes. Our job is to make sure all the options you have in hand are decent ones.


Telling it how it is

No hidden fees or costs. We make sure you know exactly what your money’s doing, and what it will cost you to make it grow.

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Speaking English

You want to make money, not study the jargon. To offer you clear choices, we speak plain language wherever we can.


Being impartial

MeDirect does not offer in-house products and instead distributes the best products from worldwide leading providers.

Key Figures

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Start investing​

The sooner you manage your money your way, the faster you win. Make your own choices and discover what makes you feel good. Register and open your account in the blink of an eye.