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Invest in MeGreen and build a more responsible future!

MeGreen is a responsible investment plan in collaboration with Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Thanks to you and your contribution we have already planted:


Temporary MeGreen action

Invest in MeGreen and get
€40 bonus !

How does it work ?

Open a MeGreen investment plan (minimum 2500€) and participate in the reforestation of Belgium. By investing responsibly, you will receive a 40€ bonus. 
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In addition, MeDirect will plant 5 trees in Belgium.

In collaboration with bwoods, MeDirect will plant 5 trees in Belgium for you.
This way, you contribute to the growth of Belgian nature.

Who is bwoods?

BWOODS VZW plants trees and creates ecosystems that make a significant difference in our environment.

In collaboration with

Sustainable MeGreen

A responsible way to build up capital by investing in Goldman Sachs Asset Management investment funds

Thinking about our future and the next generations’ is becoming essential for most of us. Climate change has become an integral part of our society. More and more actions appear around the world to promote sustainability as well on governments level as individuals’ level. People are consuming more locally, pay more and more attention to their energy consumptions and try to find alternatives to their habits to protect our planet.

Governments and companies are also investing a lot to find new solutions and alternatives to their energy-consuming processes. For example, the European Commission has tightened the climate targets for 2030 to reach the goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

You can also be a part of this mentality change / these mentality changes in your investment decisions!

Sustainable MeGreen is an investment plan, made up of responsible and diversified mutual funds* managed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Beyond financial returns, these funds aim to reduce CO2 emissions.

* by funds we mean sub-funds of SICAVs

Building a responsible portfolio

MeGreen is a ready-made portfolio composed of 5 Goldman Sachs Asset Management funds.  To build the portfolio, Goldman Sachs Asset Management uses a selection process to select equities and bonds that compose the funds.

Equities selection

The selection process involves impact assessment, financial analysis and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) analysis.

Selected companies are mainly companies with positive social and environmental impact. No investments will be made in companies with controversial activities and controversial ESG behaviors or companies that violate Global Compact principles such as human rights protection and environmental preservation.

Bonds selection

The selection process involves both financial analysis and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) analysis and for some funds green bonds analysis. The focus of the analysis is on companies that pursue a policy of responsible development next to their financial targets.


Companies with serious and structural issues concerning controversial behaviour and activities are excluded such as:

the development, production, maintenance or trade of controversial weapons, the production of tobacco products, thermal coal mining and/or oil sands production, gambling, weapons, adult entertainment, fur & speciality leather, arctic drilling, shale oil & gas.


The sub-funds actively engage with companies in the portfolio with the purpose to contribute to the positive impact that the companies have on the environment and society. It encourages, but is not limited to, transparency and encourages management in adapting their business strategy to improve environmental, social and governance performance.

Constructive and regular dialogue with issuers and companies on ESG factors enable the sub-funds to tackle a wide range of issues and enables companies to showcase to the sub-funds their activities and progress


For more information, please consult the prospectus of all the funds of MeGreen, available on

Investing always involves the risk of capital loss.

Three portfolios are available - Defensive, Balanced and Dynamic - in accumulation or distribution; the choice is yours.


Capitalization or accumulating funds reinvest any gains they make. Appropriate of your main aim is to grow the value of your investment.


Also knows as distributing funds. Ideal if you want you investment to produce regular sums of money that can be paid into your bank account.


This investment style is designed for those who wish to limit possible losses on their investments. This results also in limited possible gains.


This investment style is designed for those who want their savings to experience modest growth in strong markets. When market conditions weaken, however, they may experience moderate losses.


This investment style is designed for those who wish to aim for higher potential returns in the long term, but who can cope with substantial losses in short term.

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