By MeDirect

Nobody tells me what to do. But for my investments,
I leave it to experts.

You like to have choice but don’t like to make investment decisions ? Your time is precious and you prefer to spend it on the things in life you care about ?

Experts taking investment decisions on your behalf will free up your time and offer you the serenity of investing in a professional way.


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We make investing easy for you.

Take a few easy steps to reach an adequate investment. Furthermore, we speak a language that you understand. Without complex terminology. Thanks to that we can understand your needs better.

An expert service, accessible as of €5000

No need to be a millionaire to benefit from a portfolio managed by experts. MeManaged is a fully digital solution, accessible as of €5000. Build up your portfolio at your own pace: you can add monthly contributions as of €100.

Entrust your investments
to experts

We make the difficult decisions for you.

Through MeManaged by MeDirect – a discretionary portfolio management service – and in association with BlackRock and iShares, you benefit from qualitative investment solutions. By combining active management with passive ETFs, you will benefit from a cost-efficient solution for your investments.

What about diversification? No need to worry, we’ll do it for you. Your portfolio is exposed to equities and bonds across different regions and sectors.

We will keep you informed. You can track the performance of your investment via your app or digital platform. Regular market comments will keep you up to date with the market evolution.

Tailored to you

Your portfolio is based on your investment profile.

Has your situation changed?

You are free to start, stop, invest more or withdraw money any time. You can also change your preferences as you see fit.

An app-first solution

MeDirect offers you a powerful app. You can consult your portfolio in detail and receive regular updates. Any other action you might want to carry out is accessible via the app or through your digital platform.

Important document containing information on costs and risks of the service.

Convinced ? We are!​

Opt for MeManaged and entrust your money to our experts. They will take care of your portfolio regularly. Consult your portfolio at any time via our optimised mobile app.