I manage to educate a teenager.

So I also know how to invest with the MeDirect app.

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The MeDirect app is very user-friendly so you can invest simply and fast.


And thanks to the available real time rates, you can perfectly monitor the performances of your investments.


Thanks to our app, you always have your investment portfolio in your pocket!


So become a customer, download the app, make a transaction and you’re done! You will then receive within 7 working days your €50 welcome bonus as soon as all the conditions have been met!*.

How do you receive the welcome bonus of €50?

Click on the button to become a customer. 

Enter the promotional code “welcome50” in the field provided on the “Become a customer” page before 20/07/2022.

Once you fully became a client, download the MeDirect app via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and pair it with your new MeDirect account, before 20/07/2022. Discover step by step how you do this

Execute at least 1 transaction (an investment or a deposit on a savings account) on the app or on your personal platform via desktop.


Ready! Now you will receive your welcome bonus within 7 working days.

Why invest at MeDirect ?

All of this is available on the app and on your online investment platform.

Why choose MeDirect?

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