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Invest easily through our MeDirect app. Thanks to the available real time rates, you can perfectly monitor the performances of your investments. Invest anywhere, anytime with our app.

Become a customer, download the app, make a transaction and you’re done! Within 7 working days after the expiration of the one-month deadline, you will receive your €50 welcome bonus as soon as all the conditions are met!*.

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How do you receive the welcome bonus of €50?

Click on the button below to become a customer. 

Enter the referral code “welcome50” in the provided field on the “Become a customer” page before 14/04/2023

Download the MeDirect app via the Google Play Store or App Store once you became a customer and pair it with your new online platform before 14/04/2023.

Discover step by step how to do this

Execute at least 1 transaction (an investment or a deposit on a savings account) on the app or on your online platform via desktop.

You are all set! You will receive your welcome bonus within 7 working days after the expiration of the one-month deadline.

Why invest at MeDirect ?

All of this is available on the app and on your online investment platform.

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