Sustainability at MeDirect

At a time when the world faces a great many challenges, MeDirect is trying to do its bit and play a positive role in society. Our objective is to promote sustainability in our operations and for society, by providing financial education via our website, carrying out sustainable actions and promoting employee diversity and inclusion. On this page, you will find our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy and information about our latest initiatives in the area of sustainable development.

The MeDirect group’s ESG strategy

MeDirect’s ESG strategy is based on four strategic pillars, with sustainable development objectives translated into commitments that support our business objectives:


MeDirect seeks to build a responsible and sustainable company based on solid values and ESG principles.

MeDirect’s ambition is to create an attractive and inclusive company that promotes diversity and equality, in order to support professional development.

MeDirect goes to great lengths to develop low-carbon emission activities by supporting its own environmental transition and the climate resilience of its clients, in order to achieve its ‘net zero’ commitments.


MeDirect further undertakes to pursue community social initiatives that favour inclusion and development and support prosperity

MeDirect has carried out an action promoting reforestation

In collaboration with Bwoods, MeDirect has organised an action in support of reforestation in Belgium. For each subscription to our MeGreen investment plan, MeDirect has undertaken to plant 5 trees thanks to Bwoods. Our “Sustainable MeGreen” investment plan is made up of funds that take into account what are known as the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors in their strategy.

Invest in MeGreen and build a responsible future

Thinking about our future and that of the next generations has become essential for most of us. Fighting climate change is now an integral part of our society. More and more actions are taken around the world to promote sustainability at both government and individual levels. People are consuming more locally, paying more attention to their energy consumption and trying to change their habits in order to protect the planet.

The Sustainable MeGreen investment plan is made up of sustainable and diversified investment funds* managed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management – an expert in ESG criteria for more than 20 years. Alongside delivering a good return on investment, these funds aim to reduce CO2 emissions. You, too, can be part of this change in mentalities in your investment decisions.


Important documents

Complete strategy

The document presents MeDirect’s Environmental, Social and Governance Strategy with strategic objectives and commitments .

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/2088, as a discretionary portfolio management services provider, MeDirect is required to publish entity and product-specific disclosures related to sustainability. This information is available in the document below.

Annual Report

The Group Non-Financial report provides ESG strategy implementation progress, a description of the main policies and rules followed by MeDirect, as well as non-financial data and strategic ESG initiatives update. Moreover, the Group discloses Pillar III report on managing ESG risks.

Information on the questionnaire about sustainability preferences

This document provides you with more detailed explanations and helps you answer the questionnaire about your sustainability preferences carried out prior to the provision of discretionary portfolio management services in accordance to MIFID II

Group Sustainability Risk Policy

MeDirect’s Sustainability Risk Policy presents an extensive structure that clearly defines the company’s strategy for seamlessly integrating and effectively managing sustainability risks within its main processes. The organization remains committed to cultivating a responsible and sustainable business, grounded in solid values and ESG principles.

Do you also wish to invest sustainably?

On your personal platform, you can find investment funds and ETFs that incorporate sustainability criteria into their strategy.