Unexpected situations? This savings account yields right from the start and helps you deal with bad surprises!

Category B – A regulated savings account for which conditions linked to the amount apply.

Attractive rates

base rate: 2,00% on annual basis

fidelity rate: 0,80% on annual basis


You can transfer up to €25,000 to your account. Any transfer that brings the account balance above the maximum authorised amount will be refused in full.

Instant access

Take out cash anytime. If you withdraw your money before the end of the 12-month period, you will not receive a loyalty premium on this money.

It's free

Talk about saving money

Online savings, for those who like to be spontaneous

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Dynamic Savings

A round-the-world trip, or maybe a bigger TV? Yes, you can. For here’s an account that’s just as spontaneous as your plans.

Fidelity Savings

You’re the kind to keep your eyes on the ball. You’re saving up for something big. New wheels, maybe, or a little house on the prairie. Maybe even a big one.


In case you are fresh to start.

How do I open an account ?

  1. Click ‘Become a client’ to start the online application process. You will be asked if you wish to open up a single or a joint account. Complete your personal data as requested on screen.
  2. You will be guided to provide a clear copy of the front and back of a valid Belgian ID and to take a selfie.You can choose from the following 2 options:
    • Use your smartphone to take a photo of your ID and a selfie.
    • Upload a photo or a scan of your ID and take a selfie using the camera on your electronic device (eg webcam).
  3. Complete the online application process and sign it digitally. Keep your mobile close at hand.
  4. Make a first payment to your MeDirect Cash Account from an external account registered in your name.
    • If you applied to open a joint account, you can transfer your first payment from an external joint account (registered in the name of both account holders) or from two different accounts, each registered in the name of the individual account holder.
  5. Once the payment has been received, a MeDirect Cash Account will be opened for you. You will then get full access to the secure website.
Once logged in into the secure website, you can open a Savings, Fixed Term Deposit and/or an Investment account via ‘Open an account’.

How can I deposit funds in my account?

You can deposit funds by instructing a bank transfer from an external bank account to your MeDirect account.

Are there any fees for opening an account?

No charges are applicable when opening an account with MeDirect. There are also no charges for the maintenance of your accounts.

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Start saving

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