Savings that still yield

Whether you want to set aside a small amount every month, you want to let your savings yield over the long term or short term, our savings accounts are designed to help you with your personal needs.

MeDirect Fixed Term Deposit Account

Up to 0,56% net (0,80% gross)
Interest rate
Open and manage
Interest paid
Choose from Fixed Term Deposit accounts with terms from 1 up to 5 years. The interest rate is fixed for the whole term and will be paid on an annual basis. The ideal solution for those who want to deposit their savings for a longer period at a fixed interest rate.
MeDirect Fixed Term Deposit Account
Available rates
5 years0,80%0,56%1,57%1,10%1,15%0,80%
4 years0,70%0,49%1,43%1,00%1,05%0,74%
3 years0,60%0,42%1,29%0,90%0,95%0,67%
2 years0,50%0,35%1,14%0,80%0,85%0,60%
1 year0,40%0,28%1,00%0,70%0,75%0,53%

Additional information

Fixed interest rate for the entire term. Your money is fixed until maturity.
Available in Euro, US Dollar or British Pound. Minimum amount applicable of €100, $100 or £100.
The interest rates on this account may change, however this will be communicated in time by e-mail and you can always consult these rates on our website.
Risk: Deposits on savings accounts at MeDirect Bank NV/SA (state of origin: Belgium, under Belgium law) are protected up to a maximum of 100.000 EUR under the Belgian deposit guarantee scheme. In the event of the Bank's insolvency (e.g., if it goes into bankruptcy), you run the risk of losing any deposits you have over 100,000 EUR, or their amount could be reduced or converted into shares (bail-in). Find out more in the Deposits Protection Information Sheet.
Taxation: Fixed term deposit account, 30% withholding tax applicable. Automatically deducted and we always mention the net interest rate after deduction.
Account only available online.
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Any complaints can be directed: to [email protected] in the first instance or at the Consumer Ombudsman Service: North Gate II, Boulevard du Roi Albert II 8, bus 1, B-1000 Brussels. - Tel: 02 / 702.52.00 - E-mail [email protected].
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about Fixed Term Accounts?
Can I move money between different currencies?

If you have MeDirect accounts denominated in different currencies, you can move money between these accounts from the tab “My transactions” and then selecting the option “Move money”. Now select the box ‘Between my accounts’ and follow the further instructions. Given the fact that both accounts have a different currency, MeDirect applies an indicative rate that includes a margin of 0.50%.

Once I open a Fixed Term Deposit, can I later change the amount, rate or term?
Once a Fixed Term Deposit Account is opened, you cannot change the amount deposited, the rate or the term.
What type of accounts can I open?

MeDirect offers four different types of accounts:

  • When you become a MeDirect client, we automatically open a Cash Account for you. This account allows you to easily manage incoming and outgoing payments yourself.
  • With the MeDirect investment account you can transfer, shares, bonds, trackers and investment funds to the MeDirect platform and buy or sell them, as well as start investing in our model portfolios. For each model portfolio we open a separate portfolio. On your investment account you can find information about the current value and transaction costs of your investments, as well as an estimate of the unrealised profit or losses of every security separately and also per investment account.
  • If you choose online wealth management a separate portfolio will be created.
  • MeDirect Fidelity Savings is a savings account those who want to save and receive a basic interest from day 1 with in addition a fidelity premium. You will receive the latter for every deposit that is on the account for 12 consecutive months. Interest is exempt from withholding tax up to and including €960 per person. For interests that exceed this amount a withholding tax of 15% is applicable. Click here to check the current interest rate. Base rate is paid annually. The fidelity premium will be deposited on your account on the first day of the following quarter.
  • The Express Savings Account gives you immediate access to your savings: you can withdraw your money at any time. It is available in EUR and offers one clear and high interest rate. Click here to check the current interest rate. Interest on the Express Savings Account is paid quarterly.
  • The ME3 Savings Account is a savings account where you can withdraw money with a three-month notice period. It is available in EUR and allows you to benefit from a competitive savings rate. Click here to check the current interest rate. Interest on the ME3 Savings Account is paid quarterly.
  • The ME6 Savings Account is a savings account where you can withdraw money with a 6 month notice period. Deposits can be made at any time. This account is available in EUR and allows you to benefit from a competitive savings rate. Click here to check the current interest rate. The interest on the ME6 Savings Account is paid quarterly.
  • The Fixed Term Deposit guarantees a fixed interest rate for a fixed term of up to five years. Fixed Term Deposits are available in three currencies: EUR, USD and GBP. Click here to check the current interest rates. Interest on Fixed Term Deposits is paid annually.