Top 5 Equity Funds worldwide

The MeDirect Investment Committee makes a very rigorous and objective fund selection, based on extensive research work by Morningstar: only funds with a combination of at least 4 stars and an analyst report with an outcome of gold, silver or bronze are selected.

Equity funds invest in many individual stocks simultaneously. By investing in such basket, an investor is better able to spread the market risk. These equity funds invest worldwide.

  Fund is the popular name for UCI (Undertaking for Collective Investment). A UCI is an undertaking that brings together several investors and invests their deposited money in various investment products, such as stocks, bonds, cash, etc., in order to spread the risk.

  Before you proceed with investing, you must read and evaluate the KIID and prospectus. The KIID sets out the objectives, investment policy, risks and benefits, and costs and past performance of the fund.

Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX) B
Sub-fund of Capital International Fund (SICAV domiciled in Luxembourg)
Robeco BP Global Premium Equities D EUR
Sub-fund of Robeco Capital Growth Funds (SICAV domiciled in Luxembourg)
MFS Meridian Funds - Global Equity Fund A1 EUR
Sub-fund of MFS Meridian Funds (SICAV domiciled in Luxembourg)
Fidelity Funds - World Fund A-DIST-EUR
Sub-fund of Fidelity Funds (SICAV domiciled in Luxembourg)
Nordea 1 - Global Stable Equity Fund BP EUR
Sub-fund of Nordea 1, SICAV (SICAV domiciled in Luxembourg)

Other interesting Funds Selections


Top 5 Mixed Funds

  • Diversification with stocks, bonds, cash and / or real estate
  • According the market conditions

Top 5 Sustainable funds

  • Meet the strict selection criteria of BEAMA
  • Take into account environment, society and sound management

Top 5 Fixed Income Funds

  • Government bonds as well as corporate bonds
  • These funds invest worldwide