Mutual Funds

What is the Ongoing Charge?

The ‘Ongoing Charge’ is a fee applicable to both Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds. This figure, which is usually expressed as a percentage, is an indication of the cost an investor would incur over the year for investing in that fund or ETF. The investor will bear these fees indirectly as the NAV will be negatively impacted by this fee. The Ongoing charge fee includes payments to the management company, payments to persons providing outsources services, registration, regulatory, audit, compliance, legal and professional advisers charges, distribution charges, etc. However this does not include transaction charges as a result of cash inflows and outflows instructed by the investors (entry/exit charges or commissions) nor does it include a performance fee paid to management companies.

When will my fund order be executed?

Each fund house has its own cut-off times. This means that any order received before a set time will be processed by the next business day. Any order that is received after its cut-off time, will be on the list of the following business day. If you want to make sure that your order is processed by the next business day, please give your instructions before 9.15 am. Of course, MeDirect transmits orders to the fund houses throughout the day. If a fund house has a late cut-off, it is still possible that your order is processed by the next business day.

My fund order remains ‘pending’. Why does it take so long?

MeDirect has to wait on the definitive confirmation of your fund order. Some fund houses send this confirmation already after 2 business days, but this can also take up till 5 business days. As soon as we receive your confirmation, we will provide you with a ‘Confirmation of Transaction’, including the transaction date and the purchase/sale price. We will also update your Securities Account.

What is the minimum amount to invest in funds?

For most of the funds offered by MeDirect, you can register as from € 100. For a limited number of funds, this minimum amount is higher. You can check this minimum amount in the fund detail page, which is available for each fund.

What are the costs?

At MeDirect, the costs associated with your investment are clearly listed in the detail page. Stock exchange tax No stock exchange tax is due when purchasing or registering.  If you sell a capitalisation fund, you will pay a stock exchange fee of 1.32% on the total sales price, limited to a maximum of €4,000.  If you sell a distribution fund, no stock exchange tax is due either. You pay the 30% withholding tax on each dividend pay-out.  Capital gains tax is also applicable on the sale of funds which invest for 25% or more in fixed income securities such as bonds. If you purchased these funds after 1 January 2018 this limit value of fixed income securities drops to 10%. This 30% withholding tax is withheld on capital gains, arising from these fixed income securities. Entry or exit fees MeDirect does not charge any entry or exit fees. Only for the Carmignac and Degroof Petercam funds and 2 Aberdeen funds, a 1% entry fee is payable. No custodial fee or any other costs are due to keep the account Check our tariffs and charges overview. Ongoing charges Ongoing charges represent the costs you can reasonably expect to pay as an investor over 1 year. The ongoing charges include the management fee of the fund manager, administrative and legal costs for audit and registration of the fund as well as the taxes payable by the fund. Entry and exit fees or any performance fees are not covered. Ongoing charges are incorporated in the value of the fund on a daily basis and are therefore not processed individually. You can check this cost in the fund report, which is available for each fund.  MeDirect receives part of the fund manager’s management fee as distributor of the fund. This is called a repurchase agreement and is our only payment.

Can I invest in funds with a foreign currency?

Yes, this is certainly possible. You can place a fund order through one of your Cash Accounts in the fund’s currency. At MeDirect you can open a Cash Account in EUR, USD, NOK, CHF and GBP. If you want to invest in a fund with another currency than EUR, USD, NOK, CHF or GBP, you can place the order via your Cash Accounts in another currency. Even if your Cash Account has a currency other than the fund you want to purchase, MeDirect uses an indicative exchange rate. For the calculation of the exchange rate, MeDirect uses a 0.5% margin. Compared to most fund suppliers, MeDirect’s exchange costs are both low and transparent, because there are no other hidden fees or costs.

How does MeDirect make any money if it does not charge an entry fee?

You pay the management fee for the fund managers, as with all funds, regardless from which bank you purchase them. This is included in the ongoing charges of a fund and is the same for every fund, regardless from which bank you purchase this fund. We are paid by the fund manager who pays part of his management fee to us. And that is enough for us. You can check this repurchase or distribution fee on every fund report.

Which mutual funds can be traded on the MeDirect trading platform?

We have selected a list of more than 500 funds in which you can invest. These are funds which we believe are strong in their investment areas or are particularly interesting compared to their peers. They cover a range of investment objectives, markets and asset classes in order to help you diversify your portfolio. We offer both capitalisation and distribution funds. The easy-to-use fund navigator allows you to filter on various search criteria.