At MeDirect, the costs associated with your investment are clearly listed in the detail page.

Stock exchange tax

No stock exchange tax is due when purchasing or registering. 

If you sell a capitalisation fund, you will pay a stock exchange fee of 1.32% on the total sales price, limited to a maximum of €4,000. 

If you sell a distribution fund, no stock exchange tax is due either. You pay the 30% withholding tax on each dividend pay-out. 

Capital gains tax is also applicable on the sale of funds which invest for 25% or more in fixed income securities such as bonds. If you purchased these funds after 1 January 2018 this limit value of fixed income securities drops to 10%. This 30% withholding tax is withheld on capital gains, arising from these fixed income securities.

Entry or exit fees

MeDirect does not charge any entry or exit fees. Only for the Carmignac and Degroof Petercam funds and 2 Aberdeen funds, a 1% entry fee is payable. No custodial fee or any other costs are due to keep the account Check our tariffs and charges overview.

Ongoing charges

Ongoing charges represent the costs you can reasonably expect to pay as an investor over 1 year. The ongoing charges include the management fee of the fund manager, administrative and legal costs for audit and registration of the fund as well as the taxes payable by the fund. Entry and exit fees or any performance fees are not covered. Ongoing charges are incorporated in the value of the fund on a daily basis and are therefore not processed individually. You can check this cost in the fund report, which is available for each fund. 

MeDirect receives part of the fund manager’s management fee as distributor of the fund. This is called a repurchase agreement and is our only payment.