Risks associated with investment

Les risques liés à l'investissement

Investing always involves the risk of loss of capital[1]. The level of risk depends on the risks associated with the financial instruments in which you invest, as well as on the way in which you manage your investments.

However, some good practices enable you to limit the risks associated with your investments.

How to limit your risks?​

Step 1

The right time horizon

Before starting to invest, ensure that you do not need your money soon, and decide whether you are ready to take the necessary risks. What are your investment objectives and how important is it that you achieve them? Are the consequences of failure important?

In general, the more time you have, the better your chances of achieving the objectives you have set.



Step 2

Diversify your investments

Diversifying your investments helps reduce the risks you take when investing. For example, if you only buy equity in a single company and things go badly for that company, this will have a major impact on your portfolio. By diversifying – that is, by investing in several companies in different sectors – the impact on your portfolio will be more limited.

Diversification can be practised in different ways. For example, you can use different types of investment, such as: equities, bonds, investment funds or trackers (ETFs), for example.

In addition, you can diversify by sector and by region. By spreading your investments across different sectors and regions, you will be less severely impacted if, for example, a macroeconomic problem arises in one region or if a certain sector is affected.

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Step 3

Improve your knowledge and expand your experience

Your knowledge in the area of investments and the experience you have gained are important aspects to take into account. You cannot assess the risks of a type of investment or product unless you understand how it works.

On your personal platform, you will find all the information needed to understand the products in which you wish to invest, as well as the associated risks.

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Step 4

Is it preferable to invest smaller amounts on a regular basis?

The markets fluctuate in response to economic and political changes. This has an impact on the value of your investments. You may find it safer to invest a small amount regularly rather than a large amount all at once.

As a result, you will be less likely to invest the entire amount in the market just before a downturn. Therefore, you will spread out your entry into the market and thus spread your risks.

By investing in an investment fund, you pay no entry, exit or custody fees. The list of costs for each type of investment is available on www.medirect.be

Which investment service suits you best?

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1Although it is possible to lose all your capital, losses are usually limited to only a part of it.

Past performances aren’t a guarantee of future returns. MeDirect does not provide investment advice.