Article 322§3 WIB inserted by the Act of April 14, 2011 containing various provisions (subsequently amended by the law of December 28, 2011 and March 29, 2012) obliges banks, savings and credit institutions operating in Belgium, to communicate on a yearly basis certain data of clients and some of their accounts/contracts to a Central Point of Contact, also known as “CPC”.

The CPC is held by the National Bank of Belgium (NBB). The CPC will give tax officials in charge of the establishment and recovery of tax, the opportunity in certain cases and according to strict legal procedures to determine at which financial institutions taxpayers are holding accounts or contracts in order to request to these institutions further information in this regard.

The following information about customers will be communicated to the CPC:
1) The national number (if not available: name, first name, date, place and country of birth)
2) A list of the accounts of which the client has been a (co-)holder at any time of the year to which the data relate.

Since March 2015 we are also transmitting details on certain contracts to the CPC, such as wealth management contracts, that were already active in 2014.

You have the right to examine your data registered by the CPC at the NBB. In the event that such information is inaccurate or wrongfully registered, you have the right to correct this information or to have it removed by the financial institution, which has communicated this information to the CPC.

The data are stored for a maximum of 8 years by the CPC, starting from the last year in which information regarding the client and/or account was communicated.

For more information you can find the full Royal decree by clicking here (French and Dutch only).