Contrary to the pervious securities accounts tax, an overview of the accounts subject to the annual securities accounts tax is only provided to clients whose securities booked on a securities accounts exceed one million euro average total value over a given reference period. If this is your case, you may consult your annual securities account tax statement in the section ‘Statements’.

For a normal reference period, this statement will be prepared at the latest on 31 October.

Annual securities accounts tax: Will I automatically be charged when the average total value of the securities on one of my securities accounts with MeDirect is exceeds one million euros ?

If the average total value of the securities held on one or more of your MeDirect securities account(s) exceeds one million euros, MeDirect will be obliged to charge, declare and pay the applicable tax to the Belgian Tax Authorities. This tax will be collected automatically from your current account (EUR).  If the balance is not sufficient, please credit your current account (EUR) timely.

Payment of the tax by MeDirect in principle liberating.