How can I transfer amounts and securities from my sole account to the joint account?

  • You can transfer cash and savings to this joint account via ‘My transactions – Transfers’.
  • For the ME1, ME3 and/or ME6 Savings account the normal notice period needs to be respected. To transfer savings of a ME1, ME3 and/or ME6, you can give an online instruction via ‘My transactions – ME withdrawal notice’.
  • Fixed Term Deposits cannot be transferred before the expiry date. Once the Fixed Term Deposit has expired you can transfer the amount online to an account of your choice.
  • To transfer securities from your securities account you can send us a secure message with the instruction.
  • Currently, funds of a personal model portfolio can only be transferred if there is a joint model portfolio. It has to concern the identical model portfolio. If you don’t have one yet, open it first. When opening a joint model portfolio, a minimum amount of EUR 2,500 is required. To transfer the funds from your personal model portfolio to the new joint model portfolio, send us a secure message.
  • Unfortunately, wealth management portfolios cannot be transferred to a joint account.