A sole account cannot be converted to a joint account. An existing client is able to open a new joint account with an existing or new MeDirect client. Your joint account holder first needs to open a sole MeDirect account so that he/she also has login data and a personal MeDirect Cash account. After this sole account has been activated, you or your joint account holder can request a joint account via ‘Open an account’ on the secure website. You both need to electronically sign this new request via the secure website. In other words, you both log in separately with your personal login data to confirm your new joint account.

  • You can transfer cash or savings to this new joint account yourself.
  • For the ME1, ME3, ME6 and/or ME12 Savings Accounts the normal notice period needs to be respected. To transfer amounts from your ME1, ME3, ME6 and/or ME12 you can give an online instruction.
  • Fixed Term Deposits cannot be transferred before the expiry date. Once the Fixed Term Deposit has expired you can transfer the amount online to an account of your choice.
  • To transfer securities from your securities account you can send us a secure message with the instruction.
  • Funds of model portfolios can only be transferred in case of a joint model portfolio. If you don’t have one yet, activate it first. To transfer the funds from your personal model portfolio to the activated joint model portfolio, you can then send us a secure message.
  • Unfortunately, Wealth Management Portfolios cannot be transferred to an account in 2 names, because the portfolio is linked to an individual investors profile.