If you wish to close one of your MeDirect accounts, we ask you to send this request by means of a secure message with as subject ‘Service orders’. We also ask you to mention the name of the account and the account number in this message.

Accounts without a notice period can only be closed once you transferred the full outstanding balance onto an external account of your choosing.

If you close a ME Savings Account or Fixed Term Account, we will transfer the total outstanding balance, including any accrued interest till the day of closing, to your Cash account. From the Cash account you can transfer the full outstanding balance onto an account of your choosing.

Please do keep in mind that it is not possible to close a Fixed Term Deposit before its maturity date and you should take into account the following notice period for ME savings accounts:

  • ME1: 1 month
  • ME3: 3 months
  • ME6: 6 months
  • ME12: 12 months

Should you like to end the relationship, you are requested to confirm this once your accounts have no outstanding balance left.

MeDirect does not apply charges to close an account.