Trading platform

Can I cancel an order that I have submitted?

Orders for mutual funds cannot be cancelled. Orders for equity and ETFs can be cancelled on our investment platform if they are still pending. Instructions to cancel a bond order can be sent by secure message. MeDirect will use reasonable efforts to cancel the order if it has not yet been executed.

Can I settle a trade with a different currency than the currency of denomination of the security?

When placing an order, you can choose any of your Cash Accounts to settle your trade, even if the Cash Account is in a different currency than the security you are trading. In such cases MeDirect applies an indicative exchange rate. The effectively used exchange rate and amount of the order are confirmed after the execution. Of course, you can also settle a trade in a foreign currency through your corresponding currency account. For the calculation of the exchange rate, MeDirect uses a 1% exchange rate margin. Compared to most other banks MeDirect applies a low exchange rate fee and in addition is transparent because there are no other hidden costs.

How do I place a limit order, by taking the tick size in consideration?

As from the 3rd of January 2018, in line with the provisions of the second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II), prices on equities (shares) and exchange-traded funds for limit orders are to be entered in accordance with the applicable decimal price increments (tick size) for the respective financial instrument. A tick size is the minimum upward or downward price movement of a security, and is determined by the stock exchange where the security is traded. For example, if the tick price of a security is EUR 0.01, when submitting a limit order on that security, the limit price that you enter must be a multiple of EUR 0.01 as the price of the security can only vary by EUR 0.01. Otherwise your order cannot be executed. You can check the tick sizes of most frequently traded stocks on Euronext.

Are the prices quoted real time?

The prices quoted on MeDirect online trading platform are normally delayed by 15 minutes, with the exception of bonds and mutual funds for which previous day closing prices are provided. These price quotes serve only as an indication of the real-time market price.

How can I track the performance of the securities in my portfolio?

The securities in your portfolio can be viewed in one place by logging in to our secure website via your investment accounts on your Home page. By clicking the ’My Investments’ tab, you will find information about the value of your investments, the book cost and an estimate of the unrealised gains or losses related to each security in your portfolio. This information is updated every day.

Which bonds can be traded on the MeDirect trading platform?

You can trade over 500 bonds on the MeDirect platform. These have been selected to provide you with a wide variety and choice and cover the following areas: Issuers: governments, corporate issuers, financial institutions, super-national bodies Domicile: Belgium, US, Germany, UK, France and many more Maturity: short term (less than two years), medium term (two to five years), long term (over five years) Only simple bonds come into consideration which pay the agreed coupon annually as well as the capital on the maturity date, i.e. without special terms and conditions, (plain vanilla bonds) Currencies: EUR, USD, GBP and possibly others

How do I place an order?

After you logged in on the secure MeDirect website, you can place an order in different ways: If you don’t have an Investment account yet, you first have to open one by clicking ‘Open an account.’ You can buy or sell the securities already on your MeDirect Investment account by clicking the ‘Investments’ tab and then ‘investment account’ via the secure website. You can then buy or sell the security. If you know the name, ticker or ISIN of the security, click ‘My investments’ in the main menu and then click ‘Place an order’. You can also use the Fund navigator, Tracker navigator, equity or bond navigator to find the security that meets your criteria. After the product detail page, you then make a purchase. You order can only be executed if the balance on your account is sufficient. When a share has an exceptional price rise or price drop of more than 50% in relation to the closing price of the last business day, you cannot trade online via the secure website. You need to call us for this at 02 518 0000 Mon-Fri 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM Sat. 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM