Corporate actions

How do I attend and/or vote at a company meeting?

Your investment is safe kept in our nominee account, which allows us to give you the lowest execution fees under our scalable business model. However, this means we cannot offer the ability to submit votes or to attend company meetings.

How do I receive new shares or rights arising from a corporate action?

In normal circumstances, any new shares or rights resulting from a corporate action will be automatically credited to your Investment Account on the date specified in the corporate action notification. However, due to market or operational constraints, there may be a delay of 1 or 2 days.

How is cash arising from a corporate action paid to me?

Cash entitlements resulting from corporate actions will be paid straight to your Investment Cash Account, in the same currency of denomination of the security. Should you not have an Investment Cash Account in the currency of denomination of the security, a new Investment Cash Account in this currency will be automatically opened to allow processing of the entitlement.

How do I provide MeDirect with my instruction?

Send us your instruction online by logging into your account and sending us a return secure message. Instructions must be very clear and not be subject to interpretation, clearly stating the option number you are choosing.