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A diversified portfolio with a focus on returns*

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Defensive Portfolio


Balanced Portfolio


Dynamic Portfolio

The MeDirect Wealth Management, based on a strategic asset allocation and the selection of the best funds, in collaboration with the Morningstar experts, is paying off. The final result over the past 5 years is therefore positive and contributes in achieving healthy long-term returns (of 5 years or more), which is the aim of MeDirect Wealth Management.

*Gross return (management fee (max. 0,90%) and possible taxes excluded). Past performances are no guarantee for future results.

Low and transparent costs

At MeDirect you only pay an annual management fee from max. 0,90% (VAT incl.). No other costs are charged by MeDirect*. We do not charge any entry, exit or transaction costs. You can exit at any time.

Qualitative management for you

Managed by our experts in collaboration with Morningstar. The strategic asset allocation and the careful selection of funds form the basis of the Portfolio.

Follow your portfolio online 24/7

You have 24/7 access to the evolution of your Portfolio via your online banking platform. You also receive a quarterly report showing quarterly performance.


How does it work?


Answer the questionnaire

to determine your profile.


Discover your portfolio

adapted to your personal investors profile.


Invest in your portfolio

managed by our experienced team of experts.


Not everyone has enough time, the necessary patience and the knowledge to compose and follow up a well-diversified investment portfolio. Therefore the MeDirect Investment committee works in collaboration with Morningstar, an independent financial researcher, to select the best funds for our portfolios and to determine a healthy asset allocation.

120 Morningstar Analysts

Analyse worldwide funds

Morningstar economists and portfolio managers

Market analysis and market forecasts

Recommend the best funds


Have any questions about wealth management?

Can I add an additional amount to my Wealth Management Portfolio?

You can add an additional amount to the Wealth Management Portfolio. You can transfer this amount yourself via the secure website. Select the Wealth Management Portfolio via ‘My investments’ and click the ‘Add additional amount’ button at the top of your Wealth Management Portfolio overview. The minimum amount is € 5.000.

How can I benefit from wealth management?

Through financial planning, you can increase the likelihood of achieving your financial goals within your preferred time horizon. In order to make the best use of our wealth management tools, you will need to be realistic about your goals and resources and to update your plan on a regular basis to ensure that it takes into account changes to your personal or financial circumstances and to your risk preferences. In today’s turbulent economic environment, financial planning makes even more sense as it allows you to create a long term plan to face future events in a more predictable way.