Philippe Delva

Philippe Delva
Chief Executive Officer

Lower costs and more return for clients: MeDirect ‘the Bank specialised in mutual funds’ was launched with the mission that everyone deserves the best possible bank experience to date. We do this by offering simple, high-quality savings and investment products in combination with low costs. The bank talks plain language and makes its products accessible to everyone thanks to these low costs, low entry fees and a user-friendly website. Together with our team of talented employees, my role is to ensure an excellent client service every day.

I can boast a 30 year career in the Belgian and international financial sector. First at the Generale Bank and later at Fortis as CEO Commercial Banking Global. Before assuming my role as CEO of MeDirect Bank, I already had detailed knowledge of the bank through my role as chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee of MeDirect Bank NV, since obtaining the Belgian bank licence in 2015.


Marcel Berkhout

Chief Financial Officer

Efficient and transparent banking, which puts the clients' interests paramount. That is MeDirect Bank for me. An innovative banking concept for the digital age. As CFO, I am responsible for managing the balance sheet of the bank, accounting / budgeting and financial reports to our regulator National Bank of Belgium. My work is successful when we can continue to grow the bank balance wisely, while maintaining our efficient operating model. Even in the future, this allows us to keep the cost of our investments low and to continue offering an attractive remuneration on savings. You are the beneficiary.

After my studies, I worked for six years at Shell in the UK. In 2000, I started working in the banking sector.

Wim Wuyts

Head of Marketing

One of the most important tasks I have at MeDirect is guaranteeing a transparent and clear communication towards existing and new clients. Through clear communication by emails, on the website, and through advertisements, it is my job to make sure that as many clients as possible are introduced to this unique story, that MeDirect is trying to share with everyone. A bank that genuinely opts for a different approach, through the use of simple, high-quality saving and investment products, accessible to all. This was what inspired me to start working at MeDirect.

Early 2014 I made the crossing from NIBC Direct, where I gained a lot of experience building an online savings platform. In addition to this, I also completed marketing & sales roles in various other large corporations, which has allowed me to build up ten years of experience in the online sector.

Jurgen Slachmuylders

Marketing Officer

MeDirect has an innovating and customer oriented approach of online banking. This reflects in all our products and services. I’m proud I can contribute to this. I find it very interesting to ensure a clear and transparent communication with our clients and to introduce our savings and investment products on the Belgian market.

My experience as the Online Coordinator at Universal Pictures International and my experience with the Belgian tax shelter, the financial product behind the Belgian cinema contribute in doing my work.

Steven Meert

Office Manager
Thanks to our well organised administration, we promise you a smooth and efficient service. I make sure that all your documents are processed in a quick and organised manner. 

I started my career in a multilingual administration environment and quickly came to the conclusion that working fast and accurate is my strength. I’m pleased to contribute this asset in this enthusiastic team that is driven to provide everyone with a better banking experience.