About us

Board of Directors

Philippe Delva
Chief Executive Officer
Marcel Berkhout
Chief Financial Officer
Yves Dermaux
Non-Executive Director
Henry Shmeltzer
Director of Commercial Strategy & Head of Legal
Michael Adrian Bussey
Independent Chairman and Non-Executive Director
John Zarb
Independent Non-Executive Director

Other Key Officers

Wim Wuyts
Head of Marketing

One of the most important tasks I have at MeDirect is guaranteeing a transparent and clear communication towards existing and new clients. Through clear communication by emails, on the website, and through advertisements, it is my job to make sure that as many clients as possible are introduced to this unique story, that MeDirect is trying to share with everyone. A bank that genuinely opts for a different approach, through the use of simple, high-quality saving and investment products, accessible to all. This was what inspired me to start working at MeDirect.

Early 2014 I made the crossing from NIBC Direct, where I gained a lot of experience building an online savings platform. In addition to this, I also completed marketing & sales roles in various other large corporations, which has allowed me to build up ten years of experience in the online sector.

Aynard de Monts
Product Manager

Product Management activity goal is to develop the product offer by identifying, designing and implementing new products. This approach also applies to existing products for continuous improvement purposes in order to always better satisfy our clients.

As manager of the product offer, satisfying our clients through attractive and understandable products, distributed through a user friendly online platform, is my main objective.

In order to fulfil this objective, I can leverage on my past experience within the group BNP Paribas in Belgium, France and in other European countries as internal strategy consultant.

Aurore Versele
Deputy Head of Compliance

Compliance is an independent function - and as part of the second line of defense - which aims at providing reasonable assurance that MeDirect and its employees comply with applicable laws, regulations, self-imposed rules of conduct and integrity rules.

My role is to assist MeDirect in managing the risk of loss of reputation and financial damages which may occur from violation of internal or external rules. 

I can build on my experience as former Head of Compliance within Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank-Belgium to keep on preserving MeDirect Bank's strong credibility and trust from clients.

Steve Plasman
Head of Internal Audit

Internal audit is an independent and objective body that gives an organization an assurance of the degree of control over its operations, provides advice on how to improve them, and contributes to creating added value.

My aim is to help MeDirect adopt strong internal control practices whilst improving its business efficiency. My role is also to ensure that MeDirect follows a sound & controlled growth path and complies with all applicable laws & regulations. Keeping a solid and safe reputation is key for MeDirect.

I have 20 years of experience in External and Internal Audit inside the Belgian & International Financial Services Industry, mainly within Ernst & Young, BNP Paribas FortisBank (former Fortis Bank), ING & The Bank of New York Mellon.

A sound governance and risk culture are the most important aspects in any organization and that is what I’m continuously assessing within MeDirect.