A diversified portfolio with a focus on returns

Annualised gross return over the last 5 years*

2,97%   4,49%   5,23%
Defensive Portfolio   Balanced Portfolio   Dynamic Portfolio

The MeDirect Wealth Management, based on a strategic asset allocation and the selection of the best funds, in collaboration with the Morningstar experts, is paying off. The final result over the past 5 years is therefore positive and contributes in achieving healthy long-term returns (of 5 years or more), which is the aim of MeDirect Wealth Management.

*Gross return (management fee (max. 0,90%) and possible taxes excluded). Past performances are no guarantee for future results.
More information on the performances of our 5 portfolios

Discover all the benefits that MeDirect wealth management has to offer

MeDirect Bank NV is a Belgian bank that wants to offer everyone the opportunity to get the most out of their money. With our Online Wealth Management you invest in a diversified portfolio that strives for a maximum return at a fraction of the costs charged by many traditional wealth managers.

Low and transparent costs

At MeDirect you only pay an annual management fee from max. 0,90% (VAT incl.)**. No other costs are applicable. We do not charge any entry, exit or transaction costs. You can exit at any time.

High quality wealth management

Based on strategic asset allocation and a selection of the best funds, in collaboration with the experts of Morningstar. With solid historical performances as a result.

Clear and transparent reports. Monitor online 24/7

A quarterly report with the results of you portfolio. Naturally you don’t have to wait for the report, you can monitor your portfolio 24/7 online.

How does it work ?

Answer the questionnaire to determinate your profile

Discover your portfolio adapted to your personal investors profile

Invest in your portfolio managed by our experienced team of expert

Powered by Morningstar-wealth

High quality wealth management thanks to online technology and an experienced investment committee, supported by the analyses of Morningstar

Let us do the work for you. Not everyone has enough time, the necessary patience and the knowledge to compose and follow up a well-diversified investment portfolio. With MeDirect Wealth Management you can invest in a diversified portfolio of top funds in just one step. Our experts monitor closely your investments and they will rebalance your portfolio when needed to make sure your portfolio stays in line with your investment profile at all times.

Therefore the MeDirect Investment committee works in collaboration with Morningstar, an independent financial researcher, to select the best funds for our portfolios and to determine a healthy asset allocation.