Corporate Actions Fees

All bond redemption, share buy back, bonus shares, mergers and splits, payment of dividend/coupon, scrip dividend Free
Application of Double Tax Treaty for US tax relief at source Free

Portfolio Transfer Fees

  Equity/Bonds Funds/ETFs
Transfer of holdings between MeDirect accounts Free Free
Inward transfer of holdings from other institutions* Free Free
Outward transfer of holdings to other institutions EUR 150 per security EUR 150 per security

*Easily transfer an existing portfolio. MeDirect will reimburse your transfer fees.

Transfers of mutual funds can be instructed by sending us a message. Existing clients can do this on their secure website, new clients can submit this form on the public website. Please provide us with the necessary details (ISIN, fund name and currency) and add the following reference: “request to transfer mutual funds from another bank, broker or custodian to MeDirect”.

MeDirect will reimburse any fees that external institutions may charge for transferring securities to MeDirect, up to a maximum of €500 per client. The reimbursement is limited to maximum of €100 per transferred line and the value of the transferred line is at least €500 (or the equivalent of €500 if the security is quoted in a different currency). Please note that this is a total amount of €500 per client over the entire duration of the client relationship (For example: you were already reimbursed for an amount of €250 earlier, then there’s an amount of €250 that still can be introduced.) These costs will be refunded to the client’s Cash Account with MeDirect as soon as the securities are booked into the investment account at MeDirect and after having received the receipt of the fees charged to the client by the external institution.