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  • Forward Stock Split

    Increase in a company’s number of outstanding shares without any change in the value of shareholder's equity or the aggregate market value at the time of the split.

  • Funds categories

    Equity funds

    Equity funds invest primarily in company stocks. These funds invest at least 75% of the total portfolio in shares.

    Bond funds

    Bonds funds invest primarily in bonds. These funds invest in different sorts of bonds. This can vary from government bonds to bonds with very low creditworthiness.

    Real estate funds

    Real estate funds invest primarily in shares of real estate companies. These funds do not directly invest significantly in building projects, but through real estate businesses. Some funds focus on a certain segment of the real estate sector, like companies or trusts that own office buildings and houses. These funds invest at least 75% of their portfolio in shares and at least 50% of these shares are real estate companies.

    Monetary funds

    Monetary funds invest in cash and different short term instruments. The portfolio of such a fund contains among others: Fixed term deposits, debt securities, short-term treasury bills with max 12 months maturity.

    Mixed funds

    Mixed funds invest in different investment products at the same time, like shares, bonds, cash, and sometimes real estate. Each unit represents a widely diversified portfolio. The distribution over different assets in the portfolio is regularly amended to the economic outlook, and is therefore subject to change.