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    Through the website of the Belgian Asset Managers Association ( you can check the most recent net inventory value of an investment fund or UCI.

  • Benchmark Index

    A benchmark is a measure by which the performance of an investment, investment fund or fund manager can be measured. It is a predetermined index which serves as a benchmark for the performance of an individual investment portfolio or mutual fund. A benchmark is typically an index over a broad market or a market segment for shares (e.g. BEL20.) or bonds that relate to the security or investment.

    If an investment fund is to be measured against a benchmark, it must be specified in the investment strategy.

  • Bond

    An ‘I Owe You’ issued by a company or the government for a certain period of time. During the term of the bond the bondholder receives regular interest payments based on the coupon rate. Usually, the coupon rate is fixed for the term of the bond (hence the name 'fixed income securities'). Upon maturity the bond is repaid (unless the issuer cannot pay off and subsequently goes bankrupt. Bonds carry less risk than shares, because they must be repaid first before shareholders are paid experience, in case the issuer experiences payment problems.