Frequently Asked Questions

Investment tax: Will I automatically be charged when the average total value with MeDirect is less than EUR500.000,00?

If the average total value of the securities held on one or more of your MeDirect investment account(s) is lower than EUR500.000,00 but exceeds this threshold when taking into consideration holdings with other Belgian and foreign financial institutions, you are able to instruct MeDirect to charge the Investment tax – applicable on the total value of all your MeDirect investment accounts – and have it paid to the Belgian Tax Authorities directly on your behalf ("opt-in").

Should you wish to exercise this option, you are requested to confirm you choice by means of a secured message before 30 November 2018. If the balance on your cash account(s) (EUR) is insufficient, please credit your cash account (EUR) before 30 November 2018.

Should you wish to opt-in via MeDirect, but the available balance on your cash account(s) (EUR) is insufficient on 30 November 2018, the “opt-in” will be deemed invalid.