Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an account?

  • 1. Click ‘Become a client’, complete the application process and sign it digitally. An SMS code will be texted to you. Keep your mobile close at hand. A copy of your application can be downloaded via the welcome screen for your reference. You don't need to send it to us.
  • 2. You need to provide us with a clearly legible copy of the front and back of a valid, non-expired Belgian ID-card. You can upload it via the welcome screen of the secure MeDirect website. You can upload a photograph or a scan.
  • 3. You make a first payment on the MeDirect Cash Account from an account number registered in your name. If you requested a joint account you can transfer your first payment from a joint account (registered in the name of both account holders) or from two different accounts, each registered in the name of the individual account holder.

A MeDirect Cash Account will be opened for you. On the secure website you can then open a savings, Fixed Term Deposit and securities accounts via ‘Open an account’.

If you want to trade American securities and/or transfer an existing portfolio to MeDirect, please send these documents to:

Reply code
DA 853-230-8
1000 Brussel

A stamp is not required.