MeDirect Bank and the use of cookies uses cookies to ensure that our services and website can be used in the best possible way. Cookies from are safe for your computer, tablet or smartphone. On our website we only use cookies that do not threaten your privacy.
In this cookie policy we would like to inform you about the different applications of cookies and how they are used on

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data stored by a website on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Cookies register information about your visit to a website. They do not delete data from your computer, or damage files or programs.

What are cookies used for?

By using cookies your browser can be recognized by the website. Cookies are mainly used to remember the choices you made, such as your language of preference.
Other cookies can measure the popularity of webpages and the average visit duration on our website. This way we can find out what works and what doesn’t.
Finally, we use cookies to track what you’re interested in, so we can show you more relevant ads.
The cookies used by MeDirect Bank are not able to identify individuals. Cookies do not contain personal data and cannot associate an individual with a name or surname.
You are free to disable cookies. Keep in mind that in this case not all features of the website may work properly.

Which cookies are used?

First party cookies (essential cookies)
These are cookies created by MeDirect and will enable you to use our website in an optimal way.

Remembers your language choice.
Remembers if you have read and closed the information bar with our cookie policy.
Ensures that the site will remember what you have done going from one page to another (for example when filling out a form and proceed to the next step, the website remembers what you have done in the previous step)
A security cookie to prevent “cross-site request forgery”. This is an attack in which an active web session can be misused for malicious purposes.
Remembers your active your session on the MeDirect platform for internet banking.
Remembers your active your session on the MeDirect investment platform.

Third party cookies (optional cookies)
These are cookies created by other companies. They enable us to track the use of the website and to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
The information collected through these cookies is not stored and cannot be used to identify you as an individual.


Google Analytics

Enables us to keep statistics on the use of so we can keep improving our services and website.


This cookie can show different versions of the same webpage, enabling us to test what is most clear and optimize them for a better browsing experience.


With this cookie we can see which parts of our web pages get the most attention. Based on this data we can improve our website.


Keeps track on how often our banners were displayed and how many application forms were filled out.

How can you refuse or delete cookies?

In the privacy and security settings of your browser you can choose to delete or disable all cookies from your computer. Keep in mind that certain features of the website may no longer work properly when disabling cookies.

You can also set your browser to only allow the essential cookies, such as cookies that are necessary in order to use our online banking services. Underneath you will find more information on how to disable cookies for each browser:

If you continue browsing our website without changing your settings, MeDirect assumes that you accept all website cookies.

MeDirect Bank reserves the right to make unilateral changes to its cookie policy. Each update will be published on this page.