MeDirect ME3 Savings Account

A savings account with one clear and attractive interest rate paid quarterly. Opening and managing of this account is 100% free of charge and you have flexible access to your money with 3 months notice.

% 0,30% basic net rate per annum (0,43% gross - 30% withholding tax)*
0 Opening and managing this savings account is 100% free of charge
3 Interest paid every 3 months
Flexible access access to your money (3 months notice)
  • Duration: open-ended with 3 months’ notice period
  • The interest rates on this account may change, however this will be communicated in time by e-mail and you can always consult these rates on our website
  • Risk: Deposits on savings accounts at MeDirect Bank NV/SA (state of origin: Belgium, under Belgium law) are protected up to a maximum of 100.000 EUR under the Belgian deposit guarantee scheme. In the event of the Bank's insolvency (e.g., if it goes into bankruptcy), you run the risk of losing any deposits you have over 100,000 EUR, or their amount could be reduced or converted into shares. Find out more in the Deposits Protection Information Sheet.
  • The ME3 Savings accounts is a non-regulated savings accounts. This means that the account is not exempt from withholding tax on the first 980 EUR of interest per person. However MeDirect always mentions the net rate after 30% withholding tax so that customers can easily compare net rates with other savings accounts.

At MeDirect Bank we do everything that’s possible to deliver the best services to clients. In case you are not satisfied about our services and you wish to send a complaint, you can do this by contacting and/or


ME3 in the press

For the second year in a row, MeDirect's ME3 savings account has been rewarded by guide-é as 'Savings account of the year’


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The net rate includes a 30% withholding tax.