First of all, notify us as soon as possible if your mobile number or e-mail address have changed.

If you receive suspicious e-mails (phishing mails), on behalf of MeDirect, please notify us. Do not open this mail and under no circumstance provide any data or click a link. We will notify the competent authorities.

Do not provide any personal details over the telephone either.

We also advise you not to save your user name on a public computer and to keep your password and security word a secret. Only send us financial or personal details via secure message.

Always keep the security of your computer up-to-date by installing the last version of your virus detection program and the last version of your used browser. If you use a wireless network, you should also install an extra security for this so that not everyone can use it.

When you have finished your MeDirect banking business, always log out completely and close the browser window.