A new secure website: all details

How can I send a secure message?

After logging in, you can send a secure message by clicking “Messages” in the top right-hand corner. At the bottom of the page click “New message” and then “Send message”.

Where can I update my personal details?

Via the Home page, by clicking in the top right-hand corner on ‘Profile’ you can change your e-mail address, address, your security data and your mobile number.

If I already have a wealth management portfolio, what will happen when I fill out the questionnaire again?

If you already have an existing wealth management portfolio and you fill out the questionnaire again, your wealth management portfolio will be updated to the most recent investor’s profile if you changed it. This transaction will take place during the next rebalancing of your portfolio. MeDirect will regularly ask you to fill out this questionnaire again so that we are sure you always invest in the most suitable portfolio for you.

I did not receive an SMS code when I log in to the new website. What should I do?

In the login window you click on ‘’I did not receive an SMS code”. You will see the last four digits of your mobile number to which the SMS code was already sent. If this is not the correct mobile number, click “Change mobile number”. You can set your mobile number again here. If the mobile number is correct, click “Send again” and you will receive a new SMS code. Please always use the most recent SMS code. You can also receive a call on your mobile with a spoken SMS code. For this you need to click “Call me with code”.