Buy-to-let Specialist

As from September 2019, MeDirect Belgium NV/SA has actively invested in Dutch residential mortgages. For this purpose, the Bank intensively cooperated with renowned Dutch partners, who provide the Bank support in marketing, distribution, underwriting, servicing and arrears management. Since the start of the activities the Bank built a mortgage book of € 1,650 mln and successfully securitised a substantial part of the portfolio. The Bank actively works on options for further growth in the Dutch mortgage market, amongst others by developing new concepts, such as buy-to-let lending. Most of the operational activities will be outsourced to professional parties already active in the Dutch Market. Some credit and special servicing decisions will, however not be outsourced, but taken by the Bank. We are interested to meet Dutch BTL professionals with a background in credit approval and/or credit management, but are also interested in contributing to the management of the Dutch mortgages business line and support and/or be responsible for the development of new concepts. The Buy-to-Let Specialist job combines Credit Management with Product Management. We believe that this function is an excellent opportunity for a BTL credit underwriter, looking for a next step in their career; looking for broader responsibilities in the buy-to-let mortgage business, combining credit file work with a more outward focused market view and become an all-round professional.

Brussels * Full-time

Duties and responsibilities

Credit Management activities

  • Acting as a contact officer for the underwriting department of the outsourcing partner;
  • Providing guidance for loan applications not fully complying to standard acceptance criteria;
  • Preparing, presenting and discussing credit proposals for the credit committee responsible for approving loan applications exceeding the mandate;
  • Acting as member, deputy voting member, and secretary of the credit committee and communicate decisions to relevant teams;
  • Performing sample credit reviews on individual loan application level and on credit acceptance procedures at the outsourcing partner, jointly with the Risk Manager and the Manager Oversight & Operations;
  • Together with the Manager Oversight & Operations, monitoring the evolution of loans in arrears on portfolio level. Discussing development and adequate follow up of files in arrears with the arrears management department of the outsourcing partner;
  • Within the mandate deciding on work out programs for individual files in arrears. Preparing, present and discuss credit proposals for the credit committee responsible for arrears decisions exceeding the mandate (e.g. decisions to foreclose);
  • Supporting preparation of quarterly portfolio reports for Dutch Mortgages (QPR), covering exposures, arrears, forbearance, delinquencies, etc.

Required knowledge, skills, and experience

  • Bachelor or Master's degree plus 5+ years of progressively responsible and relevant experience in buy-to-let mortgage lending in The Netherlands, with at least 2 years of experience in credit approvals of buy-to-let mortgages;
  • Excellent analytical skills;
  • Strong spoken and written communications skills in Dutch and English;
  • Be driven, independent, enthusiastic, and hands-on with a practical appreciation of the full mortgage process;
  • Demonstrate personal integrity, honesty, reliability, respect and commitment.

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