Belgian Buy-to-Let Specialist Manager

The Bank actively works on options for further growth in the Belgian mortgage market, amongst others by developing new concepts, such as buy-to-let lending. We are interested to meet Belgian BTL professionals interested in contributing to the management of the Belgian mortgages business line and support and/or be responsible for the development of new concepts. The Buy-to-Let Specialist job combines Credit Management with Product Management. We believe that this function is an excellent opportunity for a BTL specialist, looking for a next step in their career; looking for broader responsibilities in the buy-to-let mortgage business, combining credit file work with a more outward focused market view and become an all-round professional. We will be able to offer you a flexible working environment where work-life balance matters whilst having an intellectual challenge allowing you to grow, as well as a competitive package.

Brussels * Full-time

Duties and responsibilities

  • Working on developing and managing mortgage products; within a small bank this covers the entire value chain, from initial concept, via technical and legal implementation, to funding and finally introduction to the market.
  • Monitoring and analysing of competitive products/concepts. Monitoring the market and signalling new products or developments that might be of interest to the Bank. Assuring that the management is aware of relevant developments and is advised on any measure that should be taken to protect or improve the position in the (BTL) mortgage market.
  • Conducting market research.
  • Maintaining of the internal credit policy on (BTL) mortgages, acceptance criteria in cooperation with Risk.
  • Monitoring pricing and supporting repricing processes.
  • Analysing the portfolio in terms of risk/performance.
  • Acting as the reference point for the BTL underwriting.
  • Preparing, presenting and discussing credit proposals for the credit committee.

Required knowledge, skills, and experience

  • Bachelor or master’s degree plus 5+ years of progressively responsible and relevant experience in buy-to-let mortgage lending in Belgium (experience in credit approvals of buy-to-let mortgages is considered a plus).
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • Experience in project/product management is a plus
  • Experience in consulting is a plus
  • Strong spoken and written communication skills in French or Dutch and English.
  • Be driven, independent, enthusiastic, and hands-on with a practical appreciation of the full mortgage process.
  • Demonstrate personal integrity, honesty, reliability, respect and commitment.

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