€50 for you and €50 for your friends1

Make your friends investment clients with us and get €50 each!

I am already a customer and want to get the code for my friends.

I received the referral code and now I also want to become a customer.

I am not yet a customer.

I am already a customer and would like to invite friends. What should I do?

If you have been a customer for at least 6 months, log in to your online banking platform and go to the ‘Invite a friend’ tab.

Share the code with your friends using a link that leads to the ‘Become a client’ page.

Get €50 for each friend who becomes a customer and invests at least €1000. Your friend will also receive €50. Make as many as 5 friends a customer and you will receive up to €250!

I received the code from my friend and I want to become a customer by using it.
What should I do?

Enter the code you received into the field provided on the ‘Become a client’ page.

You receive € 50 when you:

invest at least €1000, regardless of product type (costs and taxes included).

invest the amount within one month after becoming a fully-fledged customer, and no later than when this promotion finishes (31/05/2022).

Congratulations! The €50 are on your brand new MeDirect account.

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