Selections of topfunds

The MeDirect Investment Committee makes a very rigorous and objective fund selection, based on extensive research work by Morningstar: only funds with a combination of at least 4 stars  and an  analyst report  with an outcome of gold, silver or bronze are selected.

Besides the top 5 for each category, you can also find the funds award by the trade press.


Top 5 Mixed Funds

  • Diversification with stocks, bonds, cash and / or real estate
  • According the market conditions

Top 5 Sustainable funds

  • Meet the strict selection criteria of BEAMA
  • Take into account environment, society and sound management

Awarded funds

  • Fund Awards from De Tijd & Morningstar
  • Awarded funds for each category

Top 5 Equity Funds

  • Diversification with different individual stocks
  • Categories: worldwide, Europe, Emerging markets, US & Asia

Top 5 Fixed Income Funds

  • Government bonds as well as corporate bonds
  • These funds invest worldwide