Templeton Global Total Return Fund A(acc)EUR
Sub-fund of Franklin Templeton Investment Funds (SICAV domiciled in Luxembourg)
Fund is the popular name for UCI (Undertaking for Collective Investment). A UCI is an undertaking that brings together several investors and invests their deposited money in various investment products, such as stocks, bonds, cash, etc., in order to spread the risk.
Before you proceed with investing, you must read and evaluate the KIID and prospectus. The KIID sets out the objectives, investment policy, risks and benefits, and costs and past performance of the fund.
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Fund Profile

Category: SICAV

Templeton Global Total Return Fund (the “Fund”) aims to maximise total investment return by achieving an increase in the value of its investments, earning income and realising currency gains over the medium to long term. The Fund invests mainly in: debt securities of any quality (including lower quality debt such as non-investment grade securities) issued by governments, government-related or corporate entities in any developed or emerging markets The Fund can invest to a lesser extent in: mortgage- and asset-backed securities debt securities of supranational entities, such as the European Investment Bank securities in default (limited to 10% of assets) The Fund can use derivatives for hedging, efficient portfolio management and/or investment purposes which are used as an active investment management instrument to gain exposure to markets.The flexible and opportunistic nature of the strategy allows the investment team to take advantage of different market environments. By using in-depth economic, country and security research including detailed risk analysis, Franklin Templeton’s large team of fixed income specialists seek to take advantage of these differences by identifying and investing in fixed income securities with the strongest potential for income, capital growth and currency gain around the world. In making investment decisions, the investment team uses in-depth research about various factors that may affect bond prices and currency values. The Fund may distribute income gross of expenses. Whilst this might allow more income to be distributed, it may also have the effect of reducing capital. You may request the sale of your shares on any Luxembourg business day. The income received from the Fund's investments is accumulated with the result of increasing the value of the shares. For further information on the Objectives and Investment Policy of the Fund, please refer to the section “Fund Information, Objectives and Investment Policies” of the current prospectus of Franklin Templeton Investment Funds. The benchmark of the Fund is the Bloomberg Barclays Multiverse Index. The benchmark is indicated for information purposes only, and the Fund manager does not intend to track it. The Fund can deviate from this benchmark. Terms to Understand Asset-backed securities: Debt securities whose value and income payments are derived from a pool of underlying assets. Hedging: A strategy for totally or partially offsetting particular risks such as those arising from fluctuations in share prices, currencies or interest rates. Emerging markets: Countries whose economy, stock market, political situation and regulatory framework are not fully developed. Derivatives: Financial instruments whose characteristics and value depend on the performance of one or more underlying assets, typically securities, indexes, currencies or interest rates.

Risk Profile
Significant risks that are not adequately reflected in the profile:

Credit risk
The fund can invest in bonds and/or shares. The issuers of these bonds and/or shares may become insolvent, thus the value of the bonds and/or shares may be lost in full or in part.
Derivatives risk
The fund can enter into derivative transactions. The increased profit opportunities that arise, could also involve greater risks of loss.
Currency risk
The fund can be adversely affected by exchange rate fluctuations.
Emerging market risk
The fund will be more volatile because these markets are typically smaller, less liquid and more sensitive to economic and political factors.
Chinese investment risk
Due to special regulation in China, this fund may experience difficulties or delays in enforcing the rights.

You will find all other risks associated with this fund in the prospectus.
Morningstar Rating
More information about the calculation of the Morningstar Ratings
Risk and reward profile
Lower Risk
Possible Lower
Higher Risk
Possible higher
Key Information
Closing Price 14/06/2021 23.25
Morningstar category Global Flexible Bond
Currency EUR
Distribution status Capitalizing
ISIN LU0260870661
Inception Date 01/09/2006
Maturity date Unlimited
Management strategy (vs benchmark) Active
Minimum initial amount 100.00 EUR
Fees And Charges
Entry fee None
Tax on entry None
Custody fees None
Tax on returns
Yes, 30% on fixed income part of the fund
Tax on dividend N/A
Exit fee None
Tax on exit 1.32 (max. 4,000.00 EUR per fund)
Ongoing charge 1.41% of which 0.53% is paid to MeDirect
Fund management company
Address Franklin Templeton International Services S.à r.l. 8A, rue Albert Borschette Luxembourg L-1246 Luxembourg
Manager Name Michael J. Hasenstab
Manager Start Date 29/08/2003
Website www.franklintempleton.lu
Total Net Assets (mil) 4,760.01 EUR (31/05/2021)
Administrator J. P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A.

Legal Documents

It is possible that this fund applies swing pricing. Please consult the prospectus for more information.
Should you have any complaints, you may contact Compliance Officer MeDirect, Keizerinlaan 66, 1000 Brussel or via [email protected] or Ombudsfin, Ombudsman for financial disputes, North Gate II, Koning Albert II – laan 8 bus 2, 1000 Brussel or via [email protected]


Historical returns returns and the evolution of the NAV are no guarantee for future performances. Investing in Financial markets and securities involves risk. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Investment losses may occur and investors could lose some or all of their investment in the Fund.
Sales charges (like entry- and exit fees ) and taxes are not included in the calculation of past performance. Management fees, administrative fees and other costs taken out of the fund assets have been taken in to account, as they are already included in the NAV.
Annualised performance in EUR
PeriodAnnualised returnDate
1 year-6.29%14/06/2021
3 years-2.91%14/06/2021
5 years-0.35%14/06/2021
10 years2.89%14/06/2021
Since launch5.45%14/06/2021
Cumulative performance in EUR
YTD 01/01/20211.22
1 month0.96
3 months0.96
6 months1.26
Quarterly Returns
Q 1Q 2Q 3Q 4


Asset Allocation
% Long% Short% Net Assets
Return/Risk Analysis
Risk Measurement1 Year3 Years5 Years
Standard Deviation
Sharpe Ratio
Sortino Ratio
Positive Months4.0018.0029.00
Negative Months8.0018.0031.00
Worst Month-5.05-6.19-6.19
World Regions
United States0.00
Stock Sector Weighting
No Data Available
Top 10 Holdings
HoldingSectorCountry% of Assets
Korea(Republic Of) 10/12/2029South Korea11.54
Indonesia(Rep Of) 15/07/2021Indonesia5.17
Japan(Govt Of) 20/12/2021Japan5.10
Japan (Government Of) 0% 12/04/2021Japan4.67
United Mexican States 07/12/2023Mexico4.41
United States Treasury Bills 0% 08/04/2021United States3.65
Japan(Govt Of) 16/06/2021Japan2.73
Korea(Republic Of) 10/09/2021South Korea2.69
Argentine Republic 18/03/2022Argentina2.43
Norway(Kingdom Of) 24/05/2023Norway2.05
It is possible that some UCI presented in the portfolio are not offered in Belgium, please verify with our client service
Classification of Morningstar Category
Ranking1 Year2 Years3 Years5 Years
Top 25%
Category above the average
Category below the average
Bottom 25%
Morningstar Style Box
Fixed Income Style
Interest Rate Sensitivity
Credit Quality
All key information and documents must be reviewed before being able to Invest.