Model Portfolio 'Flexer Fund'

In one step you are investing in a diversified portfolio of 8 mixed investment funds. The potential yield from these funds will be automatically reinvested with the aim of growing your capital. (capitalisation funds).


UCI (Undertaking for Collective Investment)
Net Amount

  •  Fund is the popular name for UCI (Undertaking for Collective Investment). A UCI is an undertaking that brings together several investors and invests their deposited money in various investment options, such as stocks, bonds, cash, etc., in order to spread the risk.
  •  Before you proceed with investing in these funds, you must read and evaluate the KIID and prospectus. The KIID sets out the objectives, investment policy, risks and benefits, and costs and past performance of the fund.
Initial amount invested
Monthly contribution over period
Total over period

Investing in financial markets and securities involves risk. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Investment losses may occur and investors could lose some or all of their investment in the fund.

For this simulation, your investment profile has not been taken into account. Investment products in the context of our "model portfolio" offer, can only be purchased on an "execution-only" basis; the suitability of investment orders against your individual profile will not be checked.