Ready-made investment portfolio
A good plan to help your money grow


  • Diversified investment plan based on funds
  • Gradually grow your capital
  • Start investing from €2.500
  • Without entry and exit fees
  • Now up to €500 welcome bonus*

Choose your investment portfolio without entry or exit fees

Model Portfolio
  • A basket of funds which automatically reinvests potential returns, with the aim of growth of capital
  • Choose from 5 risk profiles
  • Diversified basket of 10 capitalisation funds
Model Portfolio
  • A basket of funds with the aim of paying out a regular
  • Balanced risk profile
  • Diversified basket with the emphasis on distribution funds
Model Portfolio
Mixer Fund
  • A basket of mixed funds with the aim to limit
  • A rather more defensive risk profile
  • Diversified basket of 13 capitalisation funds
Model Portfolio
Flexer Fund
  • A basket of equity funds and dynamic mixed funds which automatically reinvests potential returns, with the aim of capital growth
  • A rather dynamic fund selection
  • Diversified basket of 8 capitalisation funds

Additional information MeDirect Investment Portfolios

  • Through these Investment Portfolios, MeDirect offers you a tool to invest in a diversified basket of funds in one easy step.

  • Entry through a Investment Portfolio carries the same terms when buying the funds one by one, and without any entry or exit fees.

  • Each of our Investment Portfolios has its own specific characteristics (risk profile, capitalisation or distribution). You can control which portfolio(s) you choose, and manage it online yourself or adjust it after you stepped in.

  • A Investment Portfolio is an Execution-only product for which we do not give personalised advice.

  • Choose our online wealth management if you prefer personalised advice about your investment profile and having your portfolio monitored by our experts.

  • The Investment Portfolios are composed of funds. Fund is the popular name for UCI (Undertaking for Collective Investment). A UCI is an undertaking that brings together several investors and invests their deposited money in various investment options, such as stocks, bonds, cash, etc., in order to spread the risk..

  • We recommend that you always read the KIID, prospectus and annual report of funds included in the portfolios ; when you do a simulation for a specific portfolio, you will find them easily by clicking on the name of the fund.

  • With a Investment Portfolio you aim for a potentially higher long-term return (in our opinion at least 5-10 years). There are, of course, risks attached to investing, and loss of investment can occur. A Investment Portfolio offers no guarantee for capital.

  • Should you have any questions, please check the heading Investment Portfolios in our section FAQs or contact our Client Service Center by phone 02 518 0000 or via They will be happy to help you.