Diversified investing with funds

  • No entry, exit or transaction fees on 97% of our funds
  • A worldwide selection of top funds
  • Lists of top funds and awarded funds
  • Or choose from a variety of ready-made Model Portfolios
Mutual funds

Aiming for a higher return on your savings?

In times of historically low interest rates, this is a fundamental question for many savers. With funds, you can spread your money easily over different stocks, bonds and/or other financial products. Even with a limited amount, you can create a diversified portfolio.


Model Portfolios
  • In one easy step, you can invest in a diversified selection of top funds
  • A genuine funds saving plan without entry or exit fees
Selection of
  • Strict fund selection by category
  • Award-winning funds
Fund Navigator
  • Easily search for the best funds
  • Various filtering capabilities: distribution type, sectors, regions, ...

Optimal returns thanks to low fees

In addition to the investment strategy, the results of your investment is also determined the cost structure. That is why it is good to know that MeDirect lowers fees to zero.

  • Free investment account
  • No custodian fee
  • No entry, exit or transaction fees on 97% of our fund selection
How are we reimbursed then?

You pay the management fee of the fund managers as for all funds, regardless at which bank you buy the funds. We are reimbursed by the fund manager, who pays us a part of his management fee. And that is sufficiant for us.
More information about our tariffs and charges

Transferring an existing portfolio? MeDirect will reimburse transfer fees.

Do you have Mutual Funds or other securities with another bank or wealth manager and you wish to transfer these to MeDirect? That's easily done. We help you with the transfer and reimburse any fees your bank or wealth manager is charging you for the transfer of your portfolio, up to a maximum of € 500 per client.

The only thing you have to do is send us a message containing the necessary information (ISIN-code, fund name and currency) by completing this form. More information on the terms and conditions.

MeDirect.be, the independent funds bank

MeDirect Bank is an independent bank for investment funds. We choose not to offer in-house funds, but we do offer a global selection of top funds. We will never push our customers in the direction of a particular fund.

Some of the reputable fund houses in our selection:

5 golden rules to diversify your investments

In the long term, diversified investments are the best way to achieve solid returns. But how exactly does that work? These rules will help you on your way.

  • Build up a savings reserve

    A number of monthly wages is recommended. With the amount that exceeds your savings buffer, you can aim for a potentially higher return that way.

  • Choose for adequate diversification

    With funds, you can spread your savings over various asset classes, companies and regions. This way, you will significantly reduce your risk.

  • Think long-term

    In the short-term, there will always be fluctuations. But long-term diversified investments are the best way to achieve a solid return.

  • Choose for professional management

    By investing in funds, you can leave the research and administration to professional fund managers.

  • Keep the costs low

    At MeDirect, we do not charge entry or exit fees for +500 funds and Model Portfolios.

MeDirect in the Press


"MeDirect is an investment platform - the first in Belgium - where investors can choose between different model portfolios at low costs."

Knack - June 1, 2016


"Sale in the online fund supermarket: wide selection and low costs. MeDirect is first and foremost a funds player."

De Tijd - February 3, 2016

Also a wide range of other investments products

MeDirect also offers a wide range of other investments products at competitive conditions. We also provide you with useful tools to help you find the best investments.