Your money in safe hands

Trust is very important when we deal with the savings of our clients. That’s why we decided from day one to be locally active in Belgium. First as a subsidiary and now, 2 years later as an independent Belgian bank with our own balance sheet and capital buffers.

Deposit guarantee up to €100.000

Deposits at MeDirect are now guaranteed under the Belgian deposit guarantee scheme up to €100.000, per person, per bank.

Investments are safe at a custodian

All investment products and wealth management portfolios are held in separate investment accounts in your name, by professional custody services – also known as custodians – for maximum security.

Low costs so you can get the most out of your money

MeDirect Bank is a specialised bank for savings and investments. Because we work without salesmen and offices, our costs are noticeably lower than traditional banks. That is an advantage that we share with our clients via attractive rates and low transaction costs so that they keep most of their returns.

Banking systems that comply with the highest demand

The MeDirect Bank banking systems comply with the highest market standards and are tested regularly to check the protection against internal and external threats.

An important safety measure at MeDirect Bank is that outgoing money transfers are only possible towards the client’s linked account. This means that money on a MeDirect Bank account can solely be transferred to a cash account at another European bank, if you are the owner of that certain cash account. The linked account is an extra safety measure in addition to the SSL-security ('https' instead of 'http'), the password and the security questions.

Under supervision by Belgian regulators

The activities of MeDirect Bank are regulated by Belgian regulators. These include the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) and the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). Furthermore, MeDirect is a member of the Belgian Federation of the Financial Sector (Febelfin) and conforms to the behavioural standards for Safe Internet Banking