5 years already that you can invest without entry or exit fees



MeDirect is blowing out five candles this month. An ideal moment to look back at the great growth story over the past five years and to look to the future. In those five years, the bank has managed...

Smart investments without excessive entry fees


The annual report of Beama, the sector federation of fund houses, showed that towards the end of 2017, Belgians had invested as much as € 194.4 billion in different investment funds...

Savings accounts with returns up to 4 times higher


Belgium is a country where people like to save. Towards the end of March there was just under € 262 billion on savings accounts in Belgium. However, most was parked on savings accounts...

Affordable wealth management for everyone


Aim for a higher return for your savings? With the historically low interest rates that is indeed the fundamental question. But how do you do this without in-depth knowledge of the financial markets?

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