The values, the structure and the organisation of MeDirect

The values of MeDirect

At MeDirect Bank we want to offer everyone the opportunity to get the most out of their savings. For that purpose MeDirect offers high-quality savings products and investment solutions, accessible to all thanks to low costs, low entry fees and a user-friendly online platform.

For our clients we focus on these four main principles:

  • Quality
  • We offer transparent and simple savings products on which we strive to pay competitive interest rates. We do not offer in-house investment products but instead we aim to be the distribution platform of choice for clients who are looking for high quality investment products and solutions from the best providers worldwide.

  • Transparency
  • Our products and services are easy to understand. There are no hidden fees or costs. From the start of the Belgian bank in 2013 we took the view that communicating on all fronts with our clients in a transparent manner is key to establishing a relationship of trust for the long term.

  • Accessibility
  • MeDirect offers services and products principally online, supported by largely automated and thus scalable operations. This means that we can offer the same high quality service to all clients and enable clients to start saving or investing from small amounts, in products that traditionally were reserved for wealthier clients only.

  • Impartiality
  • MeDirect does not offer in-house products and instead distributes the best products from worldwide leading providers. We do not push products to clients but instead give them a choice between quality products from third parties and offer advice if desired. We partnered with Morningstar, one of the leading independent investment research firms, to underpin unbiased selection and analysis of investment solutions for our clients.

    MeDirect Group Corporate Values

    Teamwork - We work together to achieve success

    Teamwork Excellence - We deliver what we promise and add value that goes beyond what is expected

    Adaptability - We eagerly anticipate, respond to, and take advantage of changes in our environment

    Ambition - We are passionate about doing things well and we challenge ourselves to achieve higher goals

    Innovation - We encourage creativity in our employees and embrace the dynamics of change

    Integrity - We uphold trustworthiness and business ethics

    Knowledge - We aim to be at the forefront of industry related developments to add value to our customers

    The structure and organisation of MeDirect

    MeDirect refers to its Governance memorandum for the provision of more information about the structure and organisation of the entity.

    Governance Memorandum